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Who we are

The Bunny’s Revenge is a Chicana owned fashion brand that re-imagines the fashion space as a place for cultural connectedness and visual storytelling.


Lucky to be raised surrounded by my Mexican culture, I grew up with a feeling of being both special and just like everyone else, instilling a sense of pride and comfort on the daily.

One of the best things about being raised in California surrounded by my Mexican culture is that it often felt like I was living in two worlds at the same time. Looking back, my Oakland neighborhood was more like my “motherland” country. In it were my favorite foods, a language I loved hearing spoken and could mostly understand even if I couldn’t speak it, the colorful buildings I used as visual landmarks when we traveled in and out of the neighborhood, and my favorite people – my friends and my large, inseparable extended family.

The immense gratitude I have for my Mexican Heritage and Chicano culture influences how I move through this world. My culture is where I learned what beauty is, what style looks like, how to be resourceful, how to be kind, and how to have fun.

The more that time passes, my gratitude grows, and I find myself dreaming of ways to stay connected to the culture as it dynamically grows and changes.

It is out of this desire to preserve my connection and create new ones to our highly nuanced and dynamic Latinx culture that The Bunny’s Revenge was born.


Stories. Experiences. Musings and Memories. Our inspiration comes from everywhere.
With our imagination ignited, we become daydream travelers, exploring everywhere from the natural world to the cosmos, and discoverers of ourselves from ancestral ways of life to modern day living.

Influenced by the long held Mexican and Chicano artistic tradition of using mural art as a form of storytelling, our scarves are designed to be wearable stories connecting us all to the vast richness and vibrancy of Mexican and Chicano culture.


We are a brand that intentionally moves slowly with our fashion offerings to execute a thoughtful approach to our social responsibility and sustainability efforts.

From the outset we decided that we would only bring our offerings into existence if they aligned with our commitment to be produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our unwavering commitment guides all our brand decisions from what we make to how we make it.

We are committed to the use of materials and inks that are produced without pesticides or harmful chemicals. We will always choose a process that uses less water in an efficient manner. We will never partner with manufacturers that are not committed to fair labor practices. We are always sourcing more sustainable options to bring our offerings to life. This commitment drives us as much as the love for our culture inspires us in all that we create.